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Cross Pendant & Heart Pendant Necklace Collection

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The purpose of this site is to present collections of only cross pendants or heart pendant and heart locket to assist you to choose gifts from the largest possible range of pendants in gold, silver, titanium and platinum.  There are over 2,000 cross pendants and over 900 heart pendants on this site.  Many of the gold 14k cross pendants and white gold heart pendants are set with diamond, sapphires or ruby stones.

We have reviewed over 250,000 items from a range of jewelry suppliers and selected only heart or cross pendants for presentation on this site.  This will allow you to review many similarly priced items on a single site that is easy to navigate and allows comparison with similar products.  Once you select an item (click) you will be passed on the the item page on the original retailers site.

Cross Pendant Collections

Gold Cross Pendant -  14k gold cross pendants in price range $22 to over $1000. Crucifixes, mariners cross, maltese cross, orthodox crosses, celtic crosses, fleur de lis and more.

White Gold Cross Pendant - a large collection of white gold cross pendants in price range $23 to $1000. Crosses with diamonds,  fleur de lis cross, celtic cross maltese cross orthodox crosses and many more.

Silver Cross Pendant - a collection of silver cross pendants in price range $7 to $300. Includes crucifixes, mariners, maltese, orthodox, celtic, fish or ichthus, fleur de lis and many more.

Platinum Cross Pendant - a collection of platinum cross pendants in price range $160 to $1600. Elegant, timeless cross designs many beautiful crosses to choose from. The perfect gift.

Titanium Cross Pendant - a collection of titanium cross pendants from $24 to $160 - the perfect cross for the modern action man or woman. A selection of modern cross designs to choose from.

Stainless Steel Cross Pendant - a collection of stainless steel cross pendants in price range $44 to $200. Many designs to choose from including crosses combining carbon and steel.

Crystal Cross Pendant -a collection of Swarovski crystal cross pendants in price range $65 to $300. These modern and chic elegant crosses make the perfect gift.

Heart Pendant Collections

Gold Heart Pendant- a massive collection of 14k gold heart pendants in price range $10 to over $1500. Classic heart pendants, puffed hearts, slider hearts, heart lockets and many more.

White Gold Heart Pendant - a range of white gold heart pendants in price range $26 to over $3000. White gold hearts with diamonds, puffed hearts, slider hearts, lockets and many more.

Silver Heart Pendant - a collection of sterling silver heart pendants in price range $9 to $180. Includes lockets, sliders, 2 peice break apart hearts and more.

Platinum Heart Pendant - a collection of platinum heart pendants in price range $310 to $3000. Elegant, timeless heart pendant designs many beautiful hearts to choose from. The perfect gift for the one you love.

Heart Lockets

Are a special form of heart pendants where the heart opens to reveal a hidden treasure.  Nowadays within the heart locket it is usual to find a photo of the one you love.  White gold heart lockets are fashionable at the moment and makes an ideal gift.


You can find unique and unusual gifts in the collections of sterling silver cross pendants, crystal and gold heart pendant necklaces all brought together in a single site.  The jewellery gifts are sourced from the world's leading designers and brands.

Product ranges includes: Trax NYC, Apples of Gold, Diva Diamonds, Shimmer & Stone and Swarovski Crystal.  There are more to come.

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Cross Styles

Byzantine Cross Pendant

Byzantine crosses are associated with Byzantine period of the roman empire when in the the fourth century the centre of power of the empire was relocated to the city of Byzantion in the middle east.  Constantine the Great who was the first Christian emporer renamed the city Constantinople in his own honour. The period lasted until the fifteenth century although the city of Constantinople was sacked in 1204 and much of its treasures and culture dissipated.

Othodox Cross Pendant

Also known as the Greek or eastern orthodox cross is identified by the fact that it has a top bar above the main bar and a third bar often a slant close to the bottom.  If it is used as a symbol by the eastern orthodox churches the bottom bar has a slant and when used by the Greek orthodox church the bottom bar is usually at right angles.  The orthodox cross is first seen in religeous art around the 6th century. Russian churches also adopt the orthodox tradition and utilise orthodox crosses.

Greek Cross Pendant

Greek crosses are characterised by all four arms being the same length and with the cross standing perpendicular.  The design dates back to the tenth century when Greek cross motifs started appearing on gravestones and was adopted as the symbol of the crusaders in the twelfth century.

St Andrews Cross Pendant

The cross of St Andrew or saltire is in effect a Greek cross turned round through 45 degrees and is so named because it is said that St Andrew was crucified on a cross set like this.

Maltese Cross Pendant

These are associated with the order of Christian crusaders known as the Knights Hospitaller who were based in the Mediteranean and on the island of Malta.  The knights used the cross motif with each arm altered to form a double point as their symbol.  This became known as the Maltese cross and became the symbol of Malta.   The Maltese cross design dates from the thirteenth century.

Latin Cross Pendant

Latin crosses (or the roman cross) are probably the most recognisable christian symbol and take the same form as a Greek cross but with the bottom arm extended such that it is twice the lenght of the other three arms.  It is said that Christ was crucified on a cross of this form.  Latin cross symbols are seen as early as the second centuries and have been the most common form of 14k gold cross pendant since the sixteenth century. 

Celtic Cross Pendant

The celtic cross pendanttakes the form of a latin cross with a circle centered on the intersection of the two bars.  Said to have been introduced to Ireland by St Patrick in the fourth century.  Typically the celtic 14k cross pendantis adorned woth knot motiffs.

Cross of Lorraine Pendant

The cross of Lorraine take the same form as a latin cross with the addition of a smaller crossbar above the main one.  Originally used in the heraldic arms of the region of Lorraine in France the cross of Lorraine became associated with St Joan (Joan of Arc) who led the French army against the English during the Hundred Years War in the fifteenth century.  Joan of Arc was betrayed by her own side and by the age of ninteen condemed as a heretic and burned at the stake. 

Mariners Cross Pendant

The mariners cross takes the form of a ship's anchor and is the christian symbol of sailors. Sometimes known as the anchor cross.

Fish Cross Pendant

The fish cross or icthus is a stylised cross symbol used by early Greek christians as a secret symbol during a period when they were persecuted for their beliefs.  It looks like a fish in normal view but when turned round reveals the form of a cross.

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